CRUW Dataset Acknowledgment

The CRUW dataset, including all its related subsets and annotations, is available for ACADEMIC OR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION NONCOMMERCIAL RESEARCH USE ONLY. Please contact us if you are interested in potential commercial use.

This research is mainly conducted by the Information Processing Lab (IPL) at the University of Washington. It was partially supported by CMMB Vision – UWECE Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles. We would also like to thank the colleagues and students in IPL for their help and assistance on the dataset collection, processing, and annotation works.

ROD2021 Dataset

Our ROD2021 Dataset is hosted on both Google Drive and Baidu Wangpan. Please use the following links to get access:

Google Drive


Baidu Wangpan

Link: [Copy the URL and paste it to your browser] 

Password: y51u